One of the truly unique features of Sri Lanka is the fact that you can experience such diversity in a relatively small area be it nature, wildlife, culture or food!

Image credit: Anton Croos via wikimedia commons

Pristine Nature

Sri Lanka is blessed with some stunning natural beauty that can be experienced on a visit to the island. Idyllic beaches with sun-drenched sands are ideal for a laid-back holiday, while enchanting mountains with unspoiled forests can be explored with the help of local tour specialists such as Nature Odyssey. You also get wetlands, rainforests, lagoons and river ecosystems to discover.

Thriving Wildlife

Amidst these natural landscapes, one will find diverse animal and birdlife too. In Sri Lanka, wildlife tours to national parks give one a chance to witness stealthy leopards, lumbering sloth bears, mischievous toque macaques, crafty crocodiles, vibrant peacocks and more. Out at sea, you can spot whales and dolphins too.

Cultural Sites

Six out of the eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Sri Lanka are cultural attractions that are linked with the country’s rich history. Be it at the towering Sigiriya Rock Fortress, the archaeological wonders of Polonnaruwa, the colonial-era Dutch Fort in Galle or the city of Kandy with its sacred temple, there’s much to explore.

Delectable Cuisine

Sri Lankan cuisine is an attraction in its own right and provides a spice-filled journey for foodies! Rice and curry, scintillating seafood and yummy desserts are all on offer. Highlights include a pancake-like and bowl-shaped dish called “hoppers”, the Dutch-influenced “lamprais” and “kottu roti” which is a street food favourite.