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All About the National Museum of Colombo – A Glimpse into the Fascinating Past of Sri Lanka

Possessing a wealth of knowledge, the grand halls of the National Museum in Colombo is the only place that offers in-depth and interactive information about the fascinating past of Sri Lanka.

Image Credit-Photo taken by me, National Museum of ColomboCC BY-SA 3.0


The National Museum of Colombo was founded by Sir William Gregory, then British Governor of Ceylon in the year 1877. The grand looking building was designed by James G. Smither in keeping with an Italian style of architecture.

Things to See

There are many fascinating exhibits to see while here. Ancient swords, paintings, intricate jewellery of the past eras decorate the hallway. One of the highlights in the museum is the royal throne on which the last Kandyan King sat upon.

How to Get There

The Museum is situated in Sir Marcus Fernando Road, Colombo and can easily be accessed by a conveniently located Colombo city hotel including the likes of Mandarina Colombo. Taxis and trishaws are abundant in the city and would get you to the location in double time!

Best Time to Visit

The museum is open all year round except on government holidays. Renovations are an on-going process, so it would be best to make sure it is open to the public before heading over.

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