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Good Health Habits 

In today’s most often stress-filled and hectic world, it is vital to have good health habits that help you find the “balance”. Most often following simple steps consistently, can make a huge and meaningful difference. Eat healthy Comfort food may come in the form of…

Luxury Travel Destinations

Bali and Its Culture 

Having first been inhabited around 2000 BC, Bali’s cultural roots run true and deep. Here are 4 interesting things to know about the fascinating ” Island of the Gods”. Hindu Influence Hindu influence plays a major role in the culture of the island. The two…


Hydrotherapy Treatments 

The island of Bali, which is better known for its explosive party scene and energetic water sports, also has a more serene side that focuses on holistic wellness. Sweeping views of lush paddy fields and mountainous vistas provide the ideal locale for Yoga retreats, meditation…