Male is the capital of the Maldives and being a well-acclaimed tour destination, the capital has its fair share of attractions to delight its visitors. Read on to know about four of them.

Hukuru Miskiiy

This is one of the most beautiful mosques located in the island; constructed using corals stones and wood the mosque features intricately carved exterior walls and ornate wooden engraving on the inside.

Jolle~commonswikiMale-mesquita de coral blancCC BY-SA 3.0

Sultan Park and national museum

Being part of the old sultan palace, both the park and the national museum are equally significant and beautiful. the park features a beautifully landscaped garden while the museum showcases ancient artefacts that belong to the sultans who ruled the archipelago along with many rare historical finds.

The Artificial Beach

Since the existing land was all used up for building commercial spaces and government buildings, the sea had to be reclaimed to construct an artificial beach. Though by name it says it is an artificial beach upon visiting it you won’t be able to distinguish it from a natural one. The beach area has food stalls and eateries where you could buy food and enjoy a memorable time with your loved one.

File:Artificial Beach (32938614986).jpg
David Stanley from Nanaimo, Canada, Artificial Beach (32938614986)CC BY 2.0


The Presidential Palace

This being one of the most visually stunning buildings in the island, boasts a meticulously crafted façade along with a design that combines the cultural values of the archipelago with the concept of modernity.

Getting there

If you have planned for an extended stay at any of the best beach resorts in the Maldives, the likes of Finolhu Baa Atoll Maldives, you can easily reach male through speed boat else you can travel around the island and witness these attractions even before visiting your resort property.

Speed Boat (501864901).jpg
╚ DD╔ from Male, Maldives, Speed Boat (501864901)CC BY-SA 2.0

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