Bali is Indonesia’s tourism hub for a reason. Because of the rich culture, spirituality and its natural beauty, attractions in Bali are well-loved by tourists all around the world. With your friends or family, 48 hours in Bali can reveal you all its secrets and this is sure to be a lifetime memory for you.

Image by: DEZALB via pixabay | CC0

Beautiful mornings

Since the highlight of your Bali holiday is breakfast, why not step out of your Seminyak resorts where you are staying at during your holiday and pick a cool spot along the Kuta Road maybe for a yummy breakfast.

Things to do in the noon

Noon is for shopping and most importantly to enjoy a classy lunch. You may consider dining at resorts such as Katamama to feel a real difference with local cuisine blended with western meals. Since it is sunny, visiting some temples could also be squeezed into your itinerary.

Afternoons and late afternoons

You may use your evenings to visit Bali’s museums and enjoy arts and crafts in this beautiful island. The late afternoons can be used to have a walk through the Ubud Monkey Forest to get some educational enrichment as well.

The evenings

Evenings spent by the beaches are always special in Bali and if you have time, you may also spare some of it for an orchestra event or a traditional dance event in the town to keep yourself entertained.


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