Wherever we travel, regardless about the time of the year, we never forget to shop! Shopping in Indonesia becomes a distinctive experience because it presents you many amazing opportunities at very low prices. Senayan City which is also known as the Sen-C stands upright as the most preferred shopping destination when visiting Jakarta. Thus,Countrywoods Residencies is an excellent choice for long stay accommodation, Jakarta that gives way to your shopping dream.

Senayan City is a mixed use development that is seven floors high. It accommodates an attractive Shopping mall, two modern office towers, a luxury apartment tower and a 5 star hotel. It is absolutely the embodiment of a shopper’s dream and the modern architecture used to design this location is truly very charming as well as breathtaking.

The shopping complex is a place of sale for all kinds of goods. You are lucky to purchase anything you wish from the vast collection of shops available here. Electronics, clothes, souvenirs, shoes, accessories, DVDs and CDs, you name it and you can get it here. If you are looking for famous brands, do not worry! You can find the famous department stores like Zara, Marks & Spencer, Nike and Adidas that you love here.

Furthermore, this setting is complimented with a cinema and an immense Food court that accommodates more than 20 food stalls. You will be able to taste from local to international cuisines while observing the hustle of the crowded shopping complex. There are many franchise shops like Starbucks, Burger king, KFC and McDonalds.

The famous Sen-C always holds various promotional programmes and sales to attract large crowds to this exciting location. Do not miss it if you come across one because there will be plenty of entertainment activities made available along with very good deals! Finally, Senayan city is an amzing place fpr shopping as well as to hangout!

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