Though some think there is nothing beyond beer, baseballs and bowling, which are actually good enough reasons
to visit any city, the St. Louis’ unique culture affords various attractions. Visitors to this City are afforded plenty of sights and attractions, gardens and parks to explore the natural beauty of Missouri, and various cultural and entertainment attractions.
When it comes to attractions the top of the range would be a cruise to the top of the Gateway arch which towers 630 feet over the amazing Mississippi River. For those keen of nature the Citygarden and the Forest Park are good explorations. One may also indulge in the history of the State and the City at the various museums.
St. Louis also hosts various events to keep the locals as well as the visitors entertained throughout the year. Festivals boasting the culture, the ethnicity and even the sports scene of the City help liven it up. Visitors are also afforded various art fairs, theatres, musical events and interesting sporting events. And if you are wondering what is the best time of the year to visit St. Louis, well, any given month the city hosts a range of events and therefore regardless of the time of the year one is bound to be part of a celebration.
But one not to missed event is the PrideFest. This vibrant and pulsating annual festival celebrates the lesbian, gay and transgender culture of this city. It is made up of twenty full hours of entertainment and parades with locals as well as visitors joining in. Music ranging from pop, jazz, country, disco, rock and rap keeps the crowd going and the colorful parades, the floats, the costumes and the displays ensure that everybody shares the fun. The parade generally leads the crowd to the final destination of the Fest which is the Tower grove Park, where heaps of further fun awaits the crowd.

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