Established in 1975, the Taman Mini culture theme park or Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature Park can best be described as a monumental tribute to the country’s diverse cultural, geographical and architectural identity. The brainchild of first lady Tien Soeharto construction on this massive parkland began in 1971 and took nearly four years to complete. Spread out over 100 hectares in east Jakarta the theme park is ideal for visitors who wish to gain a complete understanding of the Indonesian archipelago’s inherent cultural and geographical attributes. Reflecting the heritage, building traditions and landscapes of the country’s 27 provinces the attraction is also perfect for tourists who are unable to explore this captivating Asian nation in its entirety due to time constrains.

Centred around a massive man-made lake the various islands belonging to the Indonesian archipelago have been realistically replicated with pavilions in each representing the varying provinces of the country. Traditional houses found in Sulawesi, Aceh, Java, Papua, Kalimantan and others are a highlight at the venue which celebrates the unique architectural elements of these conventional Indonesian structures. Home to several engaging museums such as a relic museum, army museum, sport museum, Komodo museum, Asmat tribe museum, stamp museum and technology museum the park also boasts a telecommunication museum, transportation museum and an information museum as well. The Indonesia Museum is another must-see as the premises displays traditional clothes, costumes, arts and crafts, puppets and musical instruments of yore. The Purna Bhakti Pertiwi Museum on the other hand showcases the country’s’ second president Soeharto’s personal collections.

A fresh water aquarium, insect park and a bird park are also part of the property while several flora and fauna gardens including an orchid garden are also found. Cable car rides are also available at the venue which also houses an IMAX theatre and a host of recreational facilities for the entire family. Performance arts theatres celebrating the archipelago’s dance and music legacy are also found within the park in addition to quarters devoted to traditional crafts such as painting and carving.

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