Situated in Massachusetts, the Museum of Bad Art (MOBA) is sure to astound you with its unique range of artwork that you will never find displayed in any other museum. As the name states, this interesting museum is dedicated to displaying artwork that is considered to be terrible by normal standards. Only the worst of creative art gets in here, and these too have to meet the rigid standards set by the museum for acceptance. Artwork such as that of children and willful attempts at terrible looking art do not qualify. Only those pieces that are original, interesting looking and have been painted in a genuine attempt at creativity but turned out undignified are considered for acceptance.

MOBA has the largest system of theater basement exhibition halls in the world. The museum’s 2 galleries are found in the basements of the Somerville Theater in Davis Square and the Dedham Community Theatre in Dedham Square. The place has a collection of almost 400 displays of bad art that carry a description along with it. However approximately 40 pieces are simultaneously on display on a chosen day due to limited space.

One of the main featured artworks of the museum is the painting titled ‘Lucy in the Field with Flowers’ which is MOBA’s first acquired portrait that was found in a Boston garbage can. It was picked up by Scott Wilson who then shared it with his friend James Reilly and his wife. Hence the threesome started a collection of bad art that led to the existence of this unique museum.

Among the other much admired bad art pieces, paintings such as the ‘Sunday on the Pot with George’ and the ‘Juggling Dog in a Hula Skirt’ are typical examples of what the museum displays. ‘Sunday on the Pot with George’ is sure to make you laugh as it features a portly man in underwear sitting on a chamber pot in an expression of what is known as pointillist impressionism. The ‘Juggling Dog in a Hula Skirt’ however is a great example of a pointless painting that shows a dog in a hula skirt juggling bones.

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