In Tokyo fashion is a specialty of the city. Boasting top designer retail outlets and a plethora of citizens modeling the city’s fashions, when you step in here, you are sure to be involved in this fashion hotspot. The colours, shapes, styles and designs in Tokyo are meant to captivate its visitors and give you an amazing shopping experience!

In the Japanese capital it is not hard to locate fashion destinations as every area has something exciting in store. But the real designer hubs are Shibuya, Omotesando and Ginza, which house a number of designer outlets that are sure to get your credit card pumping. Malls and shopping centres flood these streets in a trendy setting which gives this area a modern cutting edge vibe. The BEAMS is one fashion empire you should not miss when shopping in the city. Occupying a huge chunk of Harajuku this collection of upscale boutiques gives you an all in one designer ware shopping experience. For a new taste and a unique collection visit Flair Aoyama. This rather unusual outlet relies heavily on the adventurous taste of its designers rather than mirroring the trends set on the streets. Shoppers interested in cutting edge fashion and designer jewellery will enjoy shopping in Tokyo. Then there is the Ginzo Wako building famous for its jewellery and luxury items; the Laforet Haraju, the teenage fashion paradise; the Shibuya 109, a very popular mall thanks to its location next to the Shibuya station; and the Omotesando Hill, home to an array of popular designer outlets. Brands like Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, Gucci and Prada also have their very own stores here.

Fashion in Tokyo is a world in itself. By the number of malls, boutique and stores found in this city you are sure to be lost in this tantalizing world. With so much of Tokyo to explore and so many purchases to come home with, you should find a good hotel Tokyo to come back to for some winding down. A popular choice amongst tourists is The Peninsula Tokyo. This luxury hotel Tokyo proudly boasts of has all the classy amenities that make you want to stay longer, enjoying the luxury of shopping and staying at your favourite hotel in the city.