Vancouver is a city in Canada with a lot of beautiful places to see and explore. As this city is surrounded by mountains the scenic beauty it holds is magical. From natural settings to man-made locations, this city has it all.

Image by: Stan Shebs via wikimedia commons | CC BY-SA 3.0

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Among the visitors who stay in hotels in downtown Vancouver, the Capilano Suspension Bridge is one of the most popular. Even if you stay at Pan Pacific Vancouver, it’s going to be just a 35-minute ride and the result is a memorable experience of a thrilling cliff walk over 450 feet.

The Vancouver Aquarium

At the Vancouver Aquarium, you will find over 50,000 fascinating creatures from the Arctic to Amazon. There are also dolphin shows and shark shows that you can enjoy, on a daily basis and kids will surely fall in love with these unique experiences.

VanDusen Botanical Garden

This is an inspiring 55-acre outdoor oasis with thousands of plant species, that you probably wouldn’t have even heard of! This botanical garden is a perfect place to be to relax your mind while also seeing some of the local wildlife in the process.

FlyOver Canada

A must-see attraction in the city, it’s a breath-taking ride aided by a magical ride technology that creates a true flying experience with all the components of wind, scent, and mist. A definite must-visit when in Vancouver.


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