While you are completely taken in with the mountainous landscape, the forests and the beaches, the local cuisine doesn’t lag behind in terms of captivating tourists either.

Ingredients used

All the flavours and aromas of Phuket food come down to one main ingredient, which is coconut milk. The other widely used ingredients are cloves, cumin, aniseed and turmeric – the cuisine is highly influenced by Chinese cuisine.

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While at a Phuket resort, if you are ordering breakfast, you are bound to get served noodle-based dishes like Ka-Nom Jiin, Mee Suo and rice-based dishes like Kao Yam.

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If you choose the likes of Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas, you can order Mee Hun Ba-Chang which makes for a slightly heavy lunch; but if you want something light, a dish like Poh Pia Sod would be a suggestion.

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The local dinner favourites are Mee Pad Hokkien, Gaeng Tai-Pla, Gaeng Massaman and Moo Hong.

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Items like Kao Niew Ma-Muang, Foy-thong, Kluai Buad-She are what you’ll find in the dessert category; all these dishes are packed with sugar, so if you want something sweet yet healthy, you can choose something from the array of tropical fruits available.

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