Dubai is the perfect destination for couples as there is a myriad of activities for them to engage in. Catering to every personality, couples can easily have the adventure of their life in this city.

Dinner at Burj Khalifa

If staying at a property such as Anantara World Islands Dubai, then take the time to visit the Burj Khalifa. While this is an iconic sight that one cannot miss when in Dubai, for a couple the most romantic thing to do would be to have Dinner here. It is possible to see the entire city light up whilst enjoying a delicious meal.

A Hot Air Balloon Ride Over the Desert

The Dubai landscape, which is filled with deserts and amazing skylines is made even more beautiful during sunset. Thus, if spending the day at a beach resort in Dubai, make sure to leave some time to embark on a hot air balloon ride. This can be a truly romantic experience, to float over the Dubai deserts at sunset.

Photo by cadfka27 form PxHere

Show at the Dubai Opera House

While many associate Dubai with luxury shopping and desserts, there is also a cultural side to this city.  If you and your partner wish to experience culture, the best thing to do would be to catch a show at the opera house. This can be anything from a ballet performance to a musical.

Spend the Day at the Miracle Garden

Dubai’s lush Miracle Garden is truly a miracle, as there is nothing but greenery as far as the eye can see. It is also an amazing place to make memories as various shapes that plants have been shaped into offer the perfect backdrop for pictures.