The people of the island of Sri Lanka follow quite a strong culture, nonetheless, it is also a unique and colourful one that came to be with the merging of several communities. Here are a few tips to remember if you are travelling to the island.

Use the right hand

The right hand is literally the right hand to use for anything when you are in Sri Lanka. The locals usually eat using their fingertips on the right hand, however, if you prefer cutlery, that will be provided as well. It is polite to using the right hand when making payments or handing over objects.

Respecting Buddhism

The majority of the locals follow Buddhism and therefore, there are so many temples you will be visiting. Make sure note to stand beside a Buddha statue or turn your back to it either. If you wish to visit the temples opt for the best hotels in Sri Lanka with a central location the likes of Araliya Hotels & Resorts.

Image via Araliya Hotels & Resorts


There are so many beautiful places to photograph in Sri Lanka and colourful culture to capture as well. However, there are a few places that require you to pay for video, photography and entrance.

Social etiquette

Keep in mind that PDA is not quite encouraged in Sri Lanka. LGBTQ travellers should keep in mind that same-sex relationships are illegal in Sri Lanka.