The charming coastal city of Kalutara lies along Sri Lanka’s sun-kissed shoreline in the south and is a destination where both beachside relaxation and cultural adventures await.

Image credit-Unsplash,Chamindu Perera,CC0

Spend Time at the Beach

Imagine waking to the sights and sounds of the ocean and just walking across to soft sands. You can soak up the sun all day, play family games or take romantic walks at sunset with that special someone; such beachside bliss awaits those staying at properties like Turyaa Kalutara right by the shore!

Head to the Kalutara Chaitya

Featuring a huge white exterior, the Kalutara Chaitya is amongst the world’s few hollow Buddhist stupas. One of the best things to do in Kalutara is to head inside this sacred site where one will find fascinating murals showcasing scenes from Lord Buddha’s life; nearby, you will find a revered Bodhi tree too.

Head to the Basket Centre

Providing insights into traditional livelihood and handicrafts, the Kalutara Basket Centre is located in the heart of the city. On a visit here, you will be able to witness how natural materials such as Wetakeiya palm leaves are used to create items like baskets, purses and hats which you can buy as well.

Explore Richmond Castle

While it may not be a typical English castle, this Edwardian-style mansion set amidst a scenic garden is still quite impressive. Constructed by a wealthy landowner in the late 19th century, Richmond Castle features diverse architectural styles and those on a tour will be able to see the furniture and antiques inside too.