The culture, the cuisine, and the beaches are on top of the list of attractions in the city – someone living in this dynamic city never runs out of things to do or get bored during their leisure time.


Image by: GooseB via pixabay | CC0

The beaches

On weekends, you can head down to the beach to enjoy a bit of sitting down while soaking up the sun rays; camel rides and dune bashing are other Doha classics you can revel in.

The cuisine

While you can enjoy Arabic meals at restaurants like Missan Restaurant of Al Najada Doha Hotel by Tivoli, there are also hotels in Doha Qatar where you can indulge in Korean and Japanese food.

Traditional markets

Haggling at a traditional market like Souk Waqif is the most quintessential Doha thing to do; you can enjoy seeing falcons, grab something cheap to eat, sit back and watch the day go by, buy various types of spices and haggle for the loveliest sort of fabrics.

When your friends visit;

Take them to admire Islamic art at the Museum of Islamic Art or for an ice-cream at MIA Park where they can feast upon the Doha skyline.


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