With nice beaches, great food and smiling people, Sri Lanka was always known to be one of the best islands in the whole world for tourists. Almost everything about this tropical paradise is amazing and here are a few of them.

Image by: GregMontani via pixabay | CC0

Loveliest people

People in Sri Lanka are warm, and they are always smiling. Travel agents in Sri Lanka generally provide tourists with guides, but, you don’t actually need one when you have friendly locals around you. They will show you directions and make sure you never get lost in the streets of the country.

Amazing Food

Sri Lanka is about delicious food too. Full of spices and diverse flavours, every kind of food tastes unique and extremely different from one another.

The Scenic Beauty

You can always plan your Sri Lankan tour with Steuart Holidays, and make sure you visit at least one of its pristine beaches, and a tour to the hill country too. You will just love the mysterious hills covered with mist and of course the mind-blowing sun rises.

The best safari times

The country has several national parks and bird sanctuaries to explore. In these places, you can see elephants and leopards which are quite rare creatures to spot. Don’t forget to take some beautiful pictures and complete your holiday on an amazing note!