After Shanghai and Beijing, the city of Tianjin is the third-largest municipality of China and it is also considered as the most significant manufacturing centre and the leading port of North China.

Image by: Lancerman  via pixabay | CC0


The city’s infrastructure

If you are planning to stay in a Tianjin hotel, you can completely rely on the city’s infrastructure to travel to all the places you need. They have well-functioning main roads, expressways and also a good transport network to support these efforts.

The climate

The climate is Tianjin is always fluctuating. Winter storms are so common in this city, but typhoons seldom occur.

Nature in the city

If you choose a hotel such as Pan Pacific Tianjin for your accommodation or to simply dine at any one of their restaurants, you will understand how much the people of Tianjin try to preserve the surrounding natural environment. The city is home to several rare reeds, shrubs, and bulrushes, creating nature surreal moments for every guest.

The people

You will find all kinds of ethnic groups in Tianjin, and among them, are Tungans, Koreans, Manchu, and Mongolians. They are very polite to the tourist community so you need not worry about getting lost or looking for directions when in this city.


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