Melbourne is a much-loved city by both locals and visitors alike. The streets here can be easily navigated and there is some much to see and do. Not to mention, one of the best places for those who love food and exploring new flavours. Here are a few ways to explore this big city.

Image credit: Dion Hinchcliffe via wikimedia commons

The city centre

This place is abuzz many people going about their work. But the best part is that there are so many options here when it comes to places to shop and even restaurants. There are a whole host of small cafes which are super cosy for a coffee stop and also fine dining restaurants for a more luxurious expereince.

Nights in the city

Nightlife in Melbourne is very much alive with night clubs and pubs to hang out. Check out Bimbo Deluxe offering a lovely beer garden and a dance floor with DJ music to have a great time.

Eureka Tower

This is a must-visit attraction in the city. Make it to the top of the building and enjoy the stunning views of the city! This is where you take out your camera to capture the awesome panoramic view!

Places to stay

If you are on the look out for places to stay, there are many options that are available here. Oaks on Collins is just one example if you are looking out for a luxury stay one of the Collins Street hotels. There are also budget hotels and homestays available here.