While the east African nation of Zambia is known for its stunning natural wonders such as Victoria Falls, it also has a rich culture well worth experiencing for a more enriching holiday.

A Sense of Community

The country is made up of diverse ethnicities and these communities have a sense of togetherness while preserving their individual traditions too; this can be witnessed even today with properties such as The Royal Livingstone Victoria Falls Zambia Hotel by Anantara, giving guests a chance to enjoy village dining at a fireside meal with traditional dancing.

Colonial Times

While Zambia was initially made up of several free states, during the British colonial period, many of them joined together as they followed economic interests. This along with industrialisation and modernisation also influenced local culture. Those staying at a Livingstone hotel can find out more on this and other periods of local history by visiting places like the Livingstone Museum.

Arts and Crafts

Traditional arts and crafts are also part of Zambia’s culture. Passed on through the generations, local craftwork includes carvings, basket making and pottery. Though modern materials like metal and plastic are used today, traditional work features palm leaves from papyrus, bamboo and grass.

Tsinkala, Big Wooden Plate with Animal Artwork, CC BY-SA 4.0

Music and Song

Music plays a significant part in the lives of the people here who love to sing and dance! Apart from offering a form of entertainment, songs were typically used to heal or teach too. Amongst the most popular instruments used are the drum and the kalimba, a type of thumb piano.