In today’s world, stress has become a part of the work environment that can negatively affect you physically, mentally and emotionally; luckily, Ayurveda offers effective ways to combat this and here are some steps you can take.

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Self-Care is Key

It’s important to set aside time for self-care which one can easily forget to do in a fast-paced, stressful workplace and world. Take time to slow down and make yourself a priority. You can include Ayurvedic therapies during this time too; try an Abhyanga self-massage with rejuvenating oils, practise oil pulling and apply medicated oil to the nasal passages (Nasya).

Panchakarma Treatment

You can also look to experience Panchakarma-based therapies at special stress relief programmes offered on wellness retreats by the likes of Heritance Ayurveda. This is an ideal way to enjoy authentic Ayurveda treatment in Sri Lanka; it can include Shirodhara (liquid on the forehead), Sarvangadhara (full body oil pouring) and Shirolepa (herbal head pack) that help alleviate stress, burnout and anxiety.

Find Inner Peace

Due to stress, one’s mind can often be more chaotic than calm! To help find inner peace and quiet the mind, there are several aspects recommended by Ayurveda which you can look to practice daily. Yoga and meditation are two things you can engage in, while the practice of breath regulation or Pranayama will be helpful too.

A Balanced Diet

The diet you choose should be supportive of the steps and practises mentioned above; in fact, professional ayurvedic doctors will often recommend a specific diet and foods depending on your body type to help you find the right balance. Ensure what you consume regularly is natural, nourishing and wholesome while minimising refined sugars and processed foods.