The markets found on the island offer the freshest of seafood. Early risers are in for a good bargain if they visit the markets first thing in the morning. If you are staying at a Phuket resort, you’ll definitely sample some just-off-the-stove seafood dishes – an example would be restaurants proffered alongside Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas.

Karelj, Fish market Patong Thajsko 2018 3, CC BY 4.0

Banzaan Market

The market sells fresh vegetables and fruits, along with its most popular ware, which is seafood. You can either buy seafood or taste a delicious dish made of them.

Rawai Fish Market

The sea gipsies have made the market popular among tourists. You can buy many types of seafood here and get your restaurant to prepare them for you for a small charge.

Phuket Town Downton Market

The market is open all day long. In addition to seafood, the market also sells exotic fruits, vegetables, and condiments. You can buy some takeaway as well.

Paradise Food Court

This food court is comprised of a ring of restaurants. Visitors can enjoy authentic Thai seafood dishes as well as European dishes.


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