It’s a fact that Sri Lanka is a country with an amazing culture. Its food culture is also a unique part of it. When in this tropical destination, do not forget to try out these amazing authentic dishes.

Dhal curry

Regardless of where you go in Sri Lanka and stop by for lunch, dhal curry (parippu) is a dish that you’ll find for sure. It goes well with any main dish including rice, string hoppers, or even noodles.

Sour Fish Curry

Are you holidaying in one of the hotels in Tangalle or any other coastal area? Then, you are sure to find many seafood dishes when you dine. Sour fish curry (malu ambul thiyal) is one such fish dish to which a wide range of spices is added.

Chicken Curry

Dine at Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort and enjoy many variations of chicken curries, mixed well with the best of Sri Lankan spices and flavours. Try out this dish with roti, bread, or rice.

Swarnamala PriyadarshaniSri lankan chicken curryCC BY-SA 4.0

Milk Rice

Sri Lankans prepare milk rice to celebrate happiness and joy. Thus, on the day of the New Year, milk rice is a definite dish to find. It’s best to be enjoyed with lunu miris (a mix of onions and spices)