Cheetahs are endangered species; the likelihood of them being extinct is brought about by thoughtless acts of humans.


Cheetahs can run at a rapid speed. In fact, they are the fastest land animal; they can run the length of 113 km in an hour. For a cheetah, changing the pace from 0 to 113 km is just a matter of seconds.

Image by Andrea Bohl from Pixabay 

A tourist attraction

The ubiquitous presence of cheetahs has made watching cheetahs one of the tourist activities in Abu Dhabi: places such as Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island Al Sahel Villas set great store by this diversion.

Identifying features

They may be quite similar in countenance to other members of the feline family, but one distinct feature sets them apart: there are black lines marking their way from the eyes down to the cheetah’s mouth, and they are called tear lines.

A cheetah’s sound

Unlike other large felines, they are unable to roar. They can, however, make quite the deafening purr sound.


While other predators hunt in the cover of darkness, cheetahs hunt in broad daylight. Their eyesight is sharp enough to identify something from 5 km away.


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