The area will not only be attractive to locals but will undoubtedly attract a lot of foreigners who wish to explore the city and the business district of the city. Read on to find out more about this urban development project.


Docklands City of Melbourne | Image by Bernard Spragg. NZ via Flickr,CC0 1.0

It was in 1889 that the plan to extend the land area into the wetland region was confirmed and construction began. Since the development of the Dockland, many hotels such as Pan Pacific Melbourne has also sprung up making the area a popular location for both tourists and locals alike.

Heritage Sites

There are several Heritage Sites within the Dockland which are significant for the locals but also interesting to foreigners.  Some of these sites are the Victoria Harbour and the Queen’s Terminal.


A city that everyone will make time for in Australia is Melbourne. Top attractions in the city now include a visit to the Dockland and a ride on the Melbourne Star which is a Ferris Wheel that was built in 2008. Cabs or public transport can both be used to get to the Dockland.

Things to do

There are so many different things such as a library, bakery, restaurants, a small bar, contemporary bridges and a giant Ferris wheel that will keep you occupied when you are at the Dockland.