Being one of the most frequented landmarks in the world today, the Qatar Museum of Islamic Art boasts a diverse collection of arts and artifacts, modern amenities, and city attractions.


The Museum of Islamic Art

Brought to life by the renowned architect I.M Pei, the Museum of Islamic Art is one of the most celebrated landmarks of the country. The open-air space at the centre of the museum is embellished with a curved staircase and a chandelier that adds to the glamorous interiors. Added to this the museum also comprises an oculus that replicates lights with different hues and patterns making the whole space appear illuminated.

The Attractions

Skyline of Doha, Qatar during blue hour from The Museum of Islamic Art, Doha | Image by Florian Wehde via unsplash

The museum is more than just a collection of art, murals, and artifacts. Those visiting can surprise themselves with a host of film screenings, sports events, art workshops, and pop-up markets.  Interestingly, for those staying at hotel apartments in Qatar the likes of OAKS Al Najada Hotel Apartments in Doha, the museum will only be a short drive away.

 The Collection

Reflecting the affluent rich art and heritage of Qatar, Qatar’s museum of Islamic art boasts an unrivaled collection of art and artifacts. The museum also consists of three floors with each floor being dedicated to a specific collection. The first two floors for an instance include glasswork, ceramics, and other permanent collections.

The Facilities

The museum offers a plethora of facilities to make your observation easy and fascinating. Inside the premises, you can find everything from cafes and gift shops to cultural centers and cloakrooms, so there is plenty of room to walk around and keep yourself busy throughout the day.