With warm crystal-clear waters and miles upon miles of idyllic sandy beaches framed by swaying palm trees, the Maldives is a highly favoured destination among discerning travellers, in addition to being one of the top destinations that attract ardent water sports enthusiasts!

Scuba diving

The Maldives with its gorgeous lagoons, and vibrant coral reefs teeming with rich marine life, steadily attracts both experienced and novice divers from around the world. The island nation is also home to several notable diving schools that offer PADI courses for beginners.


The Maldives is now becoming quite famous for being a great destination to surf over the recent years and has even hosted some major international competitions as well. The best time to catch the biggest swells is between June and August.


Windsurfing | Image via Unsplash

The archipelago of the Maldives is fully exposed to the Indian Ocean, which means it’s a top destination for windsurfers. If it’s your first time, and are keen to learn the ropes, almost every resort in Maldives the likes of Dhigali Maldives would gladly arrange for a session with an expert instructor upon the requests of their guests.


If you wish to enjoy a bird’s eye perspective of the island nation, then a fun session of parasailing might be in order.  A cross between parachuting and water skiing, this particular water sport is a great alternative to a helicopter ride.

 Banana Boats

If you want something fun and thrilling which can be enjoyed with your friends and family, then hop on a high-speed banana boat. Essentially the goal is to simply cling to the float as the speed boat whisks you through the surf.