While you may be familiar with its beautiful Mediterranean coastline and the historic ruins of Carthage, many incredible facts about Tunisia remain lesser-known. Uncover these hidden gems and gain a deeper appreciation for this remarkable country.

Roman Amphitheater of El Djem

Tunisia boasts one of the most impressive Roman amphitheatres in the world, rivalling even Rome’s Colosseum. The El Djem Amphitheater is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an architectural marvel that definitely warrants a visit.

Star Wars Connection

This one’s for those from a galaxy far, far away. Tatooine, Luke Skywalker’s home planet in Star Wars, was inspired by Tunisia’s desert landscapes. You can visit these incredible filming locations in the country, such as Matmata’s troglodyte homes to relive the exploits of the iconic protagonists.

Ancient City of Carthage

Carthage, a powerful ancient city, was founded by the Phoenicians and later destroyed by the Roman Empire. You can explore its ruins, including the Punic Ports and the Carthage National Museum.

Diverse Landscapes

From the Sahara Desert’s mesmerising dunes to the lush greenery of the Atlas Mountains, Tunisia’s landscapes are incredibly diverse, offering something for every traveller. Tunisia is one of the world’s top olive oil producers, and its landscape is adorned with ancient olive groves. Some of these trees have stood for thousands of years, producing high-quality olive oil.

Beautiful Beaches

Beaches – Image via Flickr

Tunisia Resorts offers pristine Mediterranean beaches, perfect for relaxation and water sports. The clear blue waters are a paradise for beach lovers and the Sebkha Ariana on the other side of Tunisia resorts such as The Residence Tunisia make for a stark but welcoming contrast.