One of the most diverse and hip areas to find in the city of Bangkok, it’s home to everything that makes Bangkok city great – food, drinks, and beautiful surroundings. The neighbourhood of Sukhumvit Thonglor is especially popular amongst tourists and expatriates for its vibrant culture, even though it borders the more humble neighbourhoods of the city. However, it does not change the fascinating aura of the area.

Bjoertvedt, Sukhumvit Road IMG 7014, CC BY-SA 4.0


The Sukhumvit of today is hugely different from the Sukhumvit of the past. A place decorated with rice paddies, it saw changes after the advent of World War 2, with soldiers and foreign visitors flooding the town. To compensate for the influx of different cultures, bars and restaurants along with accommodations were built, growing steadily until it became the popular district it is today.


On the northern side of Sukhumvit, the Soi of Thonglor is arguably Bangkok’s most vibrant street, filled with chicness and exotic offerings of business and pleasure. It’s got the best bars of the city, hundreds and hundreds of shops, and lovely restaurants to explore. You couldn’t ask for a better area to consider visiting from your Sukhumvit hotel.


First and foremost comes the excellent Commons area – a network of cafes, eateries, and shops that come together to provide a unique experience. Divided into four sections, there are areas to dine, and areas to play. Otherwise, there’s lots of variety in the kinds of food you want – if there’s a cuisine you’re looking for, chances are that Sukhumvit Thonglor has what you need.


You can’t escape Sukhumvit without seeing a bar or two. They are unavoidable – everywhere. Whether it’s a pub with over 100 different kinds of brews, or an atmospheric rooftop installation with fancy pink cocktails, Sukhumvit is a beautiful representation of modern Asian civilization, truly a city for the traveller. Here, you can visit from your accommodations at the Travelodge Sukhumvit 11, getting away from the bustle for a pint or three.