The word ‘yoga’ comes from the word ‘Yoji’ from the Sanskrit meaning to join. The practice of yoga is focused on helping the body, mind and soul become one. Here’s how it began.

Knowledge from a God

Shiva is known as the first Adiyogi. By the Himalaya Mountains, thousands of years ago, Adiyogi passed in his knowledge and learning of yoga to 7 sages who then spread the practice throughout the land.

Image Credit: Anantara Chiang Mai Resort

More than uniting the body and mind

Yoga does help the physique of the body as well as the mind and soul to synchronize. But, there is much more to yoga than just this! Yoga is about becoming one with the universe itself.

Classifications of yoga

Yoga begins to work with an individuals’ body, mind, emotions and energy. This has brought about 4 main clarifications of yoga; Karma yoga, where the body is used, bhakti yoga where the emotions are used, gyana yoga, where the mind and intellect are used and kiriya yoga where the energy is used.

Where yoga is practised

India is the main country in which yoga is very common in the society. Another country would be Thailand which focuses on wellness. Chiang Mai, for instance, has hotels like Anantara Chiang Mai Resort that do offer yoga practices as a service to guests.

Image Credit: Anantara Chiang Mai Resort

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