The glittering capital of the United Arab Emirates features sprawling theme parks, soaring high rises and sleek megamalls. Fast becoming one of the key holiday destinations in the world is Abu Dhabi. Resorts in Abu Dhabi exude luxury with modern designs and attractions that are constantly growing bigger and better. In 2015, the city welcomed about three and half million tourists. Abu Dhabi has many dimensions: glamorous, affluent and modern as well as traditional, cultural and religious. There is also tranquility to be found on Sir Bani Yas Island. Here you will find yourself enjoying a slower pace in the midst of the celebrated Arabian Wildlife Park. Within the park is the Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island Al Sahel Villa Resort, one of Abu Dhabi’s leading eco-friendly luxury resorts.

A spa and wellness culture has started to build up along with the boom in tourist traffic to the Middle East. The Middle East has made a name for itself with its theme parks and culinary experiences, now it is looking to market itself as a destination for world class spas. Abu Dhabi already has several established spas and wellness facilities; many are attached to leading hotel chains. Not long ago, Yoga gained much popularity in Abu Dhabi with more residents starting on an active path to a healthy existence.

Spa destinations are as much about the treatments as they are about the location. The Middle Eastern experience draws from the tranquil lull of the dessert, the burbling of a mangrove waterway or the call of the ocean to create its ambience. There are healing rituals that have existed in the region for centuries that have been worked into an array of indigenous treatments. The massages lean towards authentic and natural healing methods. The spas also sell beauty products that are created using highly prized, locally sourced, natural ingredients.

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