Tunisia is popular among travellers as a beautiful beach destination. In addition to the beach, there are also some other attractions and sights that are worth exploring.

El Djem Amphitheater

This can be called the biggest highlight in Tunisia when it comes to sightseeing. This ancient Roman relic has been well preserved by the country.


This is for the beach-lovers. It’s a picturesque island in which you find the Houmt Souk town. This town exposes you to many whitewashed houses. This is also one of the best places in Tunisia to go on a shopping spree.

The National Bardo Museum

Bardo National Museum
Bardo National Museum | Image via flickr

The world has the 3 most renowned mosaic art collections, and this museum is among them. Explore the Dougga Room, Sousse Room, and Odysseus Room here that can make you amazed.

Tunis Port

This is also called ‘La Goulette’ and is located within close vicinity to The Residence Tunis. Inside it, there are some other Tunisia attractions such as the Spanish and Ottoman Forts.

Bulla Regia

If you love to explore historical facts, just head to Bulla Regia. It’s another Roman ruin that illustrates how the Roman residential houses have been back in the days.