Previously known as Amoy, the city of Xiamen encompasses two main islands and a region on the mainland. Here’s a list of things you can do when in Xiamen.

Image by: Aeter via pixabay | CC0

Hulishan Fortress

The Huli mountain fort is located on the southern coast of Xiamen Island, and this fortress has been guarding the Chinese shores for several centuries now. After it was recognized as an important historical sight, it was preserved by the government. The fortress was first built in 1894.

Earth Buildings

Praised by UNESCO as ‘mythological mountain village architecture unmatched by the world’, you’ll find over 4000 earth buildings in Yongding. The buildings were designed by the Chinese philosophy, either square or round-shaped. It’s assumed that it was due to the past that the Hakka people had to face that they adopted the fortress-like style of earth buildings called Tulou.

Jimei School Village

Just 20 minutes from Pan Pacific Xiamen and several other Xiamen hotels, the Jimei School Village is one of the major scenic spots in Xiamen that’s located on the other side of the bank facing north Xiamen Island. Occupying an area of roughly 100,00 square meters, the Jimei School Village has universities, colleges, secondary schools and so much more with 10,000 students and teachers.


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