Home to nearly 9 million people, London is considered an ever-vibrant destination in Europe. It’s also a great tourist destination attracting around 27 million visitors a year from every corner of the world.

Visit the Hyde Park

There are many luxury hotels in London, but nothing feels as good as the natural comfort you feel when you are at Hyde Park. Enjoy paddle-boating and spotting swans when you are there.

Explore London’s many galleries

London is blessed with many galleries. No, it’s not just about the National Gallery located in Trafalgar Square. There are many other galleries such as the Guildhall Art Gallery that’s just a short distance away from Pan Pacific London.

Explore Camden

Camden Market|Image by Reiseuhu via Unsplash

In Camden, you experience a totally different culture. Its streets are filled with piercing and tattoo shops and you can also find many interesting street food stalls during your exploration.

Head to the Baker Street

This is a must-do if you are a fan of the infamous detective- Sherlock Holmes. There is a museum for his name in this town. You may also head to the Madame Tussauds wax museum too when you are here.