The Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham, England has been considered one of the best places producing jewellery of exceptional standard and quality for many centuries. It is also the largest collection of jewellery trade related shops congregated in one particular place in the whole of Europe.
The origins of the Quarter were on a far less grand scale; however it didn’t take long for the jewelers of Birmingham to catch up on skill, quality and finish in their jewellery. With the Industrial Revolution, the quarter also came to be known as an industrial development zone, as workers and skilled craftsmen of various industries such as toys and pens, showcased their talent and their determination to overcome difficult times.

With the large crowd of craftsmen and their families working from workshops attached to their homes, the need for other urban facilities in the area grew. Through this incentive, the impressive buildings and facilities were created.
Today, the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter is a flourishing business place, turning out stunning jewellery fit for royal palaces. It is only since the 70’s that the Quarter opened itself to include retail outlets in order to sell the merchandise. The Quarter is also home to the largest Assay Office in the world that hallmarks close to 12 million pieces each year.
The Quarter has become an urban village hub, modern yet still retaining the elusive aura of a bygone era. The buildings, catacombs and public art displays in the area are an additional tourist attraction for those visitors who travel here each year in order to purchase a stunning creation of the Birmingham Quarter.

Not only do the many jewellery shops produce classic designs, but there are also handcrafted pieces, historical designs, and even designs commissioned by the buyers too. Not only will you be able to purchase top of the range jewellery but also watches and clocks.
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Uditha Dharmawardhane is a travel writer who writes under the pen name Roland Lefevre. He specializes in creating features on leisure as well as business travel destinations across the globe.