Activities, Thailand

Elephants in Thailand 

The elephants found in Thailand are the “Indian” elephants (that is a sub -species of the Asian Elephant). Unlike the regular Indian elephants, Thai elephants have shorter legs and thicker skin compared to their Indian relatives. History Elephants have played quite a significant role in…

Activities, Thailand

Golf Courses in Chiang Mai 

If you are a golf enthusiast you will be in your element in Chiang Mai as you will find a host of excellent golf courses in the area that will capture your imagination. Alpine Golf Resort Chiang Mai The well-reputed Alpine Golf Resort Chiang Mai…

Activities, Thailand

The Cicada Market 

Pathways aglow in the light of night lamps, the strong aroma of delicious street food and the pleasant buzzing of locals in Thailand is something you simply must experience. The perfect place for this is none other than the Cicada Market. Location This market is…

Activities, Thailand

Yoga and Its Origin 

The word ‘yoga’ comes from the word ‘Yoji’ from the Sanskrit meaning to join. The practice of yoga is focused on helping the body, mind and soul become one. Here’s how it began. Knowledge from a God Shiva is known as the first Adiyogi. By…