While there are plenty of Koh Samui attractions that are popular the world over, you still get some that are not as well known or featured on travel guides. If you are curious about what these may be, read on and uncover some of the island’s hidden gems, promising unique experiences.

Secret Buddha Garden

Nestled in Koh Samui’s hills, the Secret Buddha Garden remains a peaceful haven away from the crowds. After enjoying the fun things to do in Chaweng, plan a visit to this enchanting place which is the legacy of a local farmer. Wander through picturesque landscapes home to a captivating collection of statues and sculptures depicting everything from animals to deities, offering a glimpse into local beliefs as well.

Pig Island (Koh Madsum) 

A site not many tourists know about, Koh Madsum or Pig Island is home to a colony of adorable curly-tailed pigs who love a good scratch and a refreshing dip in the ocean! Stay at a resort like SAii Koh Samui Choengmon which offers an excursion here via a traditional longtail boat; lounge on the pristine beach, feed or swim with these friendly creatures, and don’t forget to capture selfies with your new piggy pals!

Wat Khunaram

Wat Khunaram – Image via Flickr

Prepare for a truly intriguing encounter at Wat Khunaram. This temple houses the remarkably well-preserved mummified body of a revered monk, Luang Por Daeng, who passed away in a meditative pose in the 1970s. Seeing his mummified remains that remarkably do not show much sign of decay as well as the daily rituals performed by devoted visitors, offers a one-of-a-kind experience at a sacred site.

Samui Football Golf 

Koh Samui offers a chance to enjoy a fun twist on traditional sports – Footgolf! This global phenomenon combines the precision of golf with the thrills of football. Head to Samui Football Golf and challenge yourself along with friends and family to kick the ball into strategically placed holes. The 18-hole course winds through a beautiful botanical garden, offering natural obstacles and a chance to perfect your “footwork”!