Sir Bani Yas Island: The Arabian Ark – A Bubble of Conservation!

The Arabian Ark is based on Sir Bani Yas Island which was an initiative by the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan al-Nahayan. Today it has developed into a fully-fledged sanctuary that over 13,000 animals call home to. Interested in learning about the wildlife haven based on Sir Bani Yas Island?

1). How It Started

The late Sheikh first introduced a few animals in 1971 to this island which spans over a space of 3,500 acres. Some of these animal breeds were almost extinct or were so in this part of the region until they were introduced to Sir Bani Yas Island and now they’re thriving!

2). The Different Types of Animals

This wonderful Arabian Ark is home to striped hyenas, caracals, Arabian tahr and Arabian Oryx. Sand and mountain gazelles are found here too. While you’re exploring this sanctuary, if you’re looking to stay in Abu Dhabi luxury hotels, there are many choices like Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island Al Sahel Villas for example.

3). The Circle of Life

Later on, in recent times, a few cheetahs were introduced to the island to restore a balance between prey and predator. Cheetahs were once indigenous to these lands but were wiped out.

4). Conservation

Many animals once on the verge of extinction or extinct in the region have been brought back. Thanks to the Arabian Ark conservation efforts, all these once-threatened species are doing well!

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A Guide to the Exotic Wildlife of the UAE – Wild Inhabitants of the Middle East

Amidst desert landscapes and the waters of the Arabian Sea and Persian Gulf, the UAE is home to a diverse array of wildlife. If you love wildlife safaris, birdwatching or exploring the ocean, here are some of the creatures you may come across here.


The Arabian Oryx is the UAE’s national animal and can be found at the Arabian Wildlife Park easily accessible from Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island Al Sahel Villa Resort. Other mammals that call the UAE home include camels, mountain gazelles, the Arabian wolf, the Arabian wildcat and the Arabian leopard.

File:Arabian orix .JPG

Tamar AssafArabian orix , marked as public domain, more details on Wikimedia Commons


The UAE has recorded more than 400 bird species. Be you staying at Abu Dhabi luxury hotels or budget guesthouses, you can look to get in some birdwatching. The national bird of the UAE, the falcon takes pride of place, while the Kentish plover, sooty gull, short-toed snake eagle, broad-billed sandpiper and the desert lark can also be spotted.

Reptiles & Amphibians

The saw-scaled viper and the sand boa are amongst the terrestrial snakes of the UAE, while there are many lizards as well. As for amphibians, the main species are the Dhofar toad and the Arabian toad.

Marine Life

When it comes to marine life, the UAE is home to Indo-Pacific humpbacked dolphins, humpback whales, whale sharks and hawksbill and green turtles. The surrounding waters also play host to a vast number of fish species the likes of catfish, reef sharks, sweetlips and sunfish.

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