The Songkran is considered as the customary New Year of Thailand and is a Sanskrit term which means astrological passage. This period of vivid festivity begins during 13th to the 15th of April every year. It happens together as many of the other Asian and south Asian regions. The days for the New Year are set according to astrological calculations. These three days in the year are the hottest days in Thailand and signifies the conclusion of the dry season. This festival was held in Thailand for many centuries and carries forth many traditional, cultural customs. The Thai New Year is said to be arisen from an Indian Festival. Songkran is held in a very grand manner in Chiang Mai city.
This cultural event has attracted so many tourists who love to indulge in the enriching customs which surely are a party to them. Because of the New Year you might notice that many foreigners visit in to experience the rich cultural activities. Throwing water is the most famous ritual of the season where the Thai communities walk along the streets with pails of water or water guns and wet all the passersby. This period is very importantly reserved to go visit elders, relatives, friends and monks to greet and wish for a prosperous new year ahead. Buddhists in Thailand celebrating New Year will visit the temples and monasteries to pray and speak to the monks and give food. They also will clean the temple premises and Buddha statues by pouring water mixed with a sweet fragrance.
Doing religious deeds on New Year is said to bring happiness and prosperity for the year to come. People also come up with New Year resolutions to do good things and prevent from doing wrong and bad things. It is indeed very interesting and exciting if you could visit Thailand during April. Visitors looking for Sukhumvit accommodation can try out a great place out of the many Bangkok serviced apartments with luxurious and mind-blowing comforts. A great suggestion would be the Anantara Baan Rajprasong Bangkok. Located in the heart of the city opening avenues to many amazing place of visit, this would be the ideal place for you.