The restorative powers of Yoga are well known and widely accepted, making it one of the most famously followed disciplines of spiritual, physical and mental upliftment. This activity has religious ties and began in India probably a millennium or so ago. Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism and Sikhism prescribe diverse forms of Yoga and its presence is strongly felt in countries that predominantly observe these religions.0

Thailand, which is an ancient capital of the world, is deeply rooted in Buddhism and a hub for those who follow Yoga. Samui the islet off the eastern shoreline of the mainland is principally well known even among the Western world for its tranquillity and suitability for yoga. The tiny land is blessed with tepid and unending rays of the sun, tender strokes of the sea waves, ample fresh air and swishes of coconut trees that stripe the coastline.

The warm climate helps practitioners to improve flexibility, lose weight faster and practice some unwieldy styles. The mood and air throughout the island is accommodative of those wanting to pursue such activities and there is no restriction in practicing even on the sandy beaches, where the sultry breeze twirls itself around the artists to add an extra bit of calm.

There is a large range of styles and poses that you can choose from when performing this activity on the island. The well trained instructors can guide you through and conduct separate sessions based on the practitioner’s level of expertise. The Hatha Yoga, which is one of the most preliminary styles, involves a few mundane breathing patterns and has a relatively slow tempo. After a routine nine to five work life, some Yin Yoga is most beneficial as it relaxes stiff joints and makes those unbendable and rigid muscles suddenly feel like samui-banner

Many a Koh Samui resort is equipped to cater to professional yoga practitioners and even the amateurs who require instruction. Not only is any hotel in Samui able to offer the very best of recreation and respite most pertinent for a good yoga session, but it also provides you with befitting comestibles, which are appetizing and aromatic. Anantara Lawana Resort & Spa Koh Samui in particular is one to be kept in mind for a spell of incomparable unwinding.