Referred to popularly as the crown jewel of Chengdu tourism industry, the Shu Feng Ya Yun Sichuan Opera is a display of colours, acrobatics, comedy and enthralling music. In order to experience this at its best, book a hotel in Chengdu China such as the M Hotel Chengdu which is a recommended Chengdu hotel to explore the best of what Chengdu has to offer. This Sichuan Opera is performed at Shu Feng Ya Yun which is a teahouse-style theatre that showcases Sichuan’s traditional arts and culture and is quite a charming place to hang out while sipping a drink. The Sichuan opera has an immense history that can be traced   back to China’s Three Kingdom period. This is the time when the ‘Canjun Opera Style” became quite influential. However, it further developed during the Tang and the Song Dynasties where new specialities were added combining local languages, folk customs and ditties in Sichuan. All in all, it is a fine display of what Sichuan arts had acquired over its entire span of being. The acting style is vivid while its strong sense of humour caters specifically to the local tastes. However, the romanticism of the Sichuan Opera is best displayd through the many stunts performed throughout the opera such as face-changing, sword-swallowing and fire-spitting which leaves the audience in awe.


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