An ideal honeymoon vacation almost always has a beach backdrop and a luxury villa in the image, and to know of the best such resorts, read on.

COMO Cocoa Island Resort | Image Credit: <a href="">Chi King</a>, <a href="">Cocoa Island (Maldives)-32</a>, <a href="" rel="license">CC BY 2.0</a>
COMO Cocoa Island Resort | Image Credit: Chi King, Cocoa Island (Maldives)-32, CC BY 2.0

COMO Cocoa Island Resort

Luxury Maldives holidays were meant to be spent here. With 33 amazing water villas to their name, COMO Cocoa Island Resort has everything you’ll ever desire during your stay there. You can get amazing deals during the off-season here, and if you’re planning your honeymoon with a travel concierge service like Black Kite Travel, do enquire about the deals.

Baros Resort Maldives

This luxury 5-star resort is popular around the world and for good reason too. The visitors rate this place with raving reviews and only have praises for the 30 water villas owned by Baros Resort Maldives. Apart from the water villas, the resort also owns 45 island villas that are fit for the Royals.

Mirihi Island Resort

With 30 water villas and 36 suites and rooms, this island resort is yet another mesmerising place to spend a cosy honeymoon in.

Veligandu Island Resort

This resort has 64 great water villas, and the advantage is that most of these water villas come with their own Jacuzzi. These private Jacuzzis are on the decks of the villa, so you can chill while you look at the views.

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