The Mrigadayavan Palace is one of the best attractions to visit and explore in Hua Hin, Thailand. With its pastel shades and relaxing atmosphere, a visit to this 20th-century palace is not one you’ll soon forget.

Chainwit.Mrigadayavan PalaceCC BY-SA 4.0

A Kingly Residence

The palace was once the residence of King Rama VI, who ruled over Siam from 1910 to 1925. The King preferred spending the summer months at the palace, most notably staying over here during the summers of 1924 and 1925.

A Teak Finish

One of the most striking features of this palace complex is the amount of teak used in its design. In fact, it is here that you’ll find one of the longest teak buildings in the world. It is said that the King himself designed this building with the assistance of an Italian architect.

The Palace Layout

The Mrigadayavan Palace is actually a series of building groups that are themselves made up of 16 different structures. The King wanted the palace to have a simplistic look and feel and not seem overly indulgent. As such, what you’ll find here is a rustic abode with a fantastic view of the seaside.

Getting There

If you’re staying at a centrally located hotel in Hua Hin – for example, the Anantara Hua Hin– the palace is a 12-kilometre-drive away. It should essentially take you around 24 minutes if you decide to take a taxi or tuk-tuk.