There are many aspects about Thailand that are unique and beautiful, and this is primarily why a large number of visitors are drawn to this magnificent nation. From its culture and history, to the day-to-day lifestyle of its people, there is so much to experience in the country that visitors will find nowhere else in the world. It is truly an interesting country to explore as there is much diversity to be enjoyed. For visitors looking for a place to head over to where they can relax amidst beautiful settings, there are several places in Thailand they can consider. One such interesting area to visit for a vacation is the Golden Triangle.

The Golden Triangle gets its name from being the point where Thailand, Burma and Laos meet. In some parts of this area, visitors will be able to witness scenery from all three countries, each lush and beautiful, showcasing its culture. There are many adventures for visitors to embark on in the area, as there is much to see and do, and one of the most exciting ways to explore the Golden Triangle is by a ride on a longtail boat trip along the beautiful river Mekong. The iconic longtail boats are seen all across Thailand and provide an experience that visitors to the nation must try out. They have a banana-like shape and will provide an exciting journey for those onboard.

Along the way, visitors will be able to visit many sites, some natural, and some manmade, along the banks of Thailand. They can stop at interesting places such as Chiang Khong, where giant catfish are found, and the famous Opium Museum. Visitors will enjoy a stop-over at the countryside to enjoy a tranquil lunch, surrounded by greenery and picturesque sites. On their ride along the country-sides of the three countries, they will come across various sites that will provide fantastic photo opportunities, and this boat ride will definitely be a highlight of the Thai holiday, from where lovely memories can be taken back.

When selecting Chiang Rai Hotels visitors will especially enjoy staying in a Hotel Chiang Rai that offers spectacular views of all three countries within the Golden Triangle. One such site that offers a unique experience surrounded by nature is the well-loved Anantara Golden Triangle Thailand.