From experiencing holistic healing to enjoying underwater adventures, the many things to do in Maldives will make for truly unforgettable getaways and here’s more on what you can do.

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Spa Revitalisation

For finding that inner bliss in the Maldives, spa rituals at private island resorts won’t disappoint. Some properties offer special wellness packages and bespoke spa programmes too; you can look forward to traditional Thai massages, volcanic stone healing, facials, body wraps and depending on the resort, Hatha and aerial yoga as well.

Snorkelling & Diving

Providing amazing marine life encounters, snorkelling and diving are not to be missed especially at a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve such as the Baa Atoll; properties here like The Nautilus Maldives provide one with the unique chance to go snorkelling to see manta rays and whale sharks as well as access to more than 40 dive sites.

Trips to Sandbanks

Apart from enchanting private islands, there are also sandbanks which offer more sublime seclusion. Resorts provide trips to these locations perfect for a romantic escape or fun family times; on such sandbanks, you can enjoy a family picnic, experience a bespoke dinner for two or even watch your favourite movie under the stars.

Memorable Cruises

When it comes to excursions in Maldives, cruises, be it on a traditional dhoni or a luxury yacht, are not to be missed. Stay at a resort that offers such adventures where you can embark on journeys across the Indian Ocean to spot spinner dolphins, enjoy a private breakfast along the waves or witness magical sunsets.