Travellers heading to Kyoto in spring will find the city is a hotbed of activity. From the local climate to must-pack essentials, here’s what tourists should know about spring in Kyoto.


Kyoto | img via Pexels

Spring in Kyoto: What to Expect

 Tourists who are hoping to visit Kyoto during the months of spring should keep in mind that the climate in the prefecture varies depending on the base location. Those who are heading to northern areas such as Miyazu and Maizuru will find it colder than southern Kyoto where there’s a big difference between nighttime and daytime weather.

Kyoto in March – Weather and What to Wear

 March in Kyoto is still cold even though the first signs of spring are more apparent so it is best to pack layered clothing options for this period. As the weather alternates between cold and warm frequently, tourists should have the ability to add and remove layers of clothing accordingly. Woollen tops, cardigans, long-sleeved shirts and shorter coats will come in handy.

Kyoto in April – Weather and What to Wear

 April is when cherry blossoms are visible all across Kyoto and those based at Park Hotel Group properties and other resorts will find that “Hanami” (viewing cherry blossoms) is one of the top things to do in Kyoto. The temperature is significantly warmer than March although the nights are still chilly so sweatshirts and cosy       hoodies are perfect for this time of year.

Kyoto in May- Weather and What to Wear

 As the warmest month in spring, May brings sunny days with temperatures reaching all-time highs during the daylight hours. Although one cannot wear flip-flops or go barefoot, it is time to wear casual t-shirts, long skirts, cotton pants, shorts and cotton stoles.