Cambodia is famous for its Buddhist temples and Angkor Wats, but the food there is commendable too. It’s appetizing with different unique flavours and spices, making it an original cuisine.

Prahok – A Traditional Food

Many restaurants in Siem Reap have Prahok on their menus. It is an impressive blend of fish together with salt, pepper, garlic, and cold rice, and the taste it gives is quite unique and mouth-watering! A definite must-try!

PaxsePrahok Ang detailCC BY-SA 3.0

Amok Fish

Tourists simply love the look of the Amok Fish dish because it is served in a fresh coconut, sometimes wrapped in a banana leaf. This dish can also be enjoyed with rice, and locals love this version the best.

Stefan FussanCambodian Fish AmokCC BY-SA 3.0

Green Mango Salad

It’s a known fact that Cambodia is home to many varieties of mangoes. Therefore, the green mango salad is a popular and common dish you find in the country that is loved by all – both locals and tourists.

yashima from Karlsruhe, Germany, Green Mango Salad (15968774099)CC BY-SA 2.0

Cambodian BBQ

At popular tourist spots in Cambodia the likes of Chi Restaurant & Bar, grilled food is plentiful, and they are enjoyed by locals as well as foreigners alike. Cambodian BBQ has a distinct flavour, and unique due to the subtle use of spices.


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