When you hike or trek, you learn a lot and also make memories at the same time. Here are a few trails you can consider exploring!

Bang Pae Waterfall

For an entirely kid-friendly hike that gifts you with tranquil sites on the island, Bang Pae Waterfall is a great choice. This 16-metre fall is surrounded by jungle, and the hike is a gentle incline leading to the waterfall, right alongside a stream! The best time to explore this hike is from May through October.

Kathu Waterfall

Less than an hour’s drive from Avadina Hills by Anantara this trek gifts you with a gorgeous waterfall! Even better, the trail isn’t long, and you can allocate just half an hour for the entire trek, giving you more time to enjoy and relax in the pools. If you like trekking and are looking for the best villas in Phuket for sale or rent, consider opting for one close to these treks!

Nicolas VoitotKathu Waterfall (60083096)CC BY 3.0

Bang Human Cave Trail

Not technically in Phuket, Khao Sok National Park is a must-visit for those who consider themselves jungle lovers. The trek takes almost half a day, depending on whether you want to take the easier trek or the full loop. It’s best to go on this trek during the dry season, from December to March.

Ton Khoi Waterfall Trail

If you’re planning on heading towards Khao Sok National Park, you can enjoy the park’s main trail. The trail is broken into two parts, each giving you a different experience. This trek can be experienced all year round.


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