While you may not picture the coastal town of Mui Ne in Vietnam as a destination for desert adventures, a visit to the famed White and Red sand dunes will soon change your mind!

Plan Your Excursion

The Red Sand Dunes are around 17km from the main beach, while the White Sand Dunes are a bit further off, approximately 26km away. Local properties the likes of Anantara Mui Ne Resort are ideal for excursions to these sites that are best explored early morning or closer to evening.

White Sand Dunes

Transporting you to Sahara-like backdrops, the White Sand Dunes offer unspoiled desert landscapes that are home to lakes too; one of the best things to do in Mui Ne is to capture the beauty of this site during sunrise. For something different, you can enjoy a magical hot air balloon tour or thrilling quad bike rides.

Image Credit: Anantara Mui Ne Resort

The Red Sand Dunes

Named for its striking reddish and rusty-hue, the Red Sand Dunes are equally enthralling. Those interested in more active pursuits can rent a sled of sorts and enjoy some fun sand-sledding down the slopes. Make sure to visit in time to capture the sight of the setting sun amidst the red dunes.

The Fairy Springs

Fairy Springs is another attraction that can be found at the Red Sand Dunes. It features a tranquil stream with shallow water reaching up to one’s ankles; set amidst remarkable landscapes of the red sand and lush greenery, it is an ideal place to wade in the water and soak up nature’s beauty.