A gorgeous sandy beach located along the Persian Gulf, Jumeriah Beach is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the UAE. Tourists and locals come here to relax, enjoy the sunset, and experience the luxury hotels that line the beach.

Jumeriah Beach

The beach is a popular family-friendly attraction. With its soft sand and lounge spaces, the beach offers a much-needed break from the bustling city. The playground adjacent to the park provides kids with something to do while adults relax and dine on barbecued meats. The beach is also home to many luxury resorts in Dubai, and is only about 8 minutes from properties like Anantara World Islands Dubai Resort.

Image via Pxfuel

Jet skiing

If you want thrill and adventure, try some jet skiing while you are here; you can zoom around on a jet ski for about an hour!

Parasailing and boating

The beach offers the perfect conditions for boat tours and parasailing. The 15-minute parasailing tour brings you unparallel views of Palm Island and Dubai Marina.


Pop into one of the restaurants and enjoy some food. The eateries here serve up a variety of cuisines from around the world – Jumeriah Beach is an excellent spot for street food lovers.


For some fun in the evening, visit the bars that dot the area. Enjoy your favourite drink with a plate of delicious food while listening to some live music.